Why the move?

You may like to know why the website has moved to a new location, so here's the story:

In September 2010, my wife & I moved to a new address in Dorset. Up until then, my Old Hardyeans website was located on free webspace provided by my Internet Service Provider, namely Tiscali, which is now owned by TalkTalk.

When I moved, I arranged with TalkTalk to transfer my landline phone service, broadband, email etc. to my new address. TalkTalk assured me that everything would be transferred seamlessly; I would even keep the same email address.

What they didn't tell me was that, when I moved they would cancel my previous contract with them and start a new contract, which meant that my webspace, provided under the previous contract, would no longer be able to be updated by me. This meant that I could not even insert text on the website to say that this site could not be maintained!

After several frustrating dialogues with TalkTalk's "Customer Services" (which I suspect was located not a million miles from Mumbai), I had to admit defeat and give up.

Consequently, I have set up a new website with an organisation independent of Internet Service Providers, which hopefully means that I can continue to maintain this website regardless of the organisation which provides my broadband service.

The slight downside is that now this website pops up a few advertisements. I do hope you will find these ads tolerable.

I hope that this little story will serve as a note of caution to anyone else who may be subject to the same circumstances.