Other School Activities.

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Here are some photos relating to other (official!) activities at Hardye's.

My apologies to those whose names I have either got wrong or have forgotten. If you can put me right on any of these,
please e-mail me.

1 - DGS Modelling Club 1948: Riggs, ?, ?, ?, ?, K Jukes, J Rawlins.
Photo courtesy of John Rawlins.

Photos relating to the Boy Scouts:

2 - 6th Dorchester Scout Troop 1949, winners of County Banner & Mayor's Own Banner.
Back row left to right: P O'Riordan, D Hurn, Ford, G Hickmore, D Gould, Sturgess, D Bacon.
2nd row: J Rawlins, R Bellamy, Butler, Moss, P Furzy, B Forrester, Goddard, J Foster, J Loveys, Paynes, Reeves, D Brackston.
Sitting: Rossiter, K Jukes, R Rowland, Ellwood, A Guiseppi, C Wederell, B Pressely, D Singleton.
Front row: Andrews, Downton, D Mundy, Ellis, Male, D Babb.
Photo courtesy of John Rawlins.

3 - Scout camp 1952: D Brackston, G Hickmore, C Wederell, J Foster, J Rawlins, Philip Read.
4 - Scout camp 1952: Scoutmaster B Pitman, C Wederell, J Rawlins, J Foster.
Photos courtesy of John Rawlins.

5 - 6th Dorchester Scout Troop 1955.
Back row left to right: R Davies?, GD Standring, JJ Pearson, PJ Zealley, ?, RJ Gale, REH Ballard, BR Gill, MJ Lindsay;
4th row: JC Fuller, CMKJ Stanton, D Phillips, KP Burke, D Blanchard, WI Birrell, PB Watkins, JH Perry, IE Diffey;
3rd row: RJ Loveys, DMJ Turner, A McCulloch, TJ Reiss, M Scott, NV Boultwood, J Townsend, RIW Partridge, RW Birch, JE LeQuesne, DR Perry, S Brewis;
2nd row: T Bowen, KE Donnelly, JB Reiss, DJ Gould, Scoumaster MJ Hughes, DP Evans, M Dowell, BJ Rees, JA Eades;
Front row: ?, JR Martin, WF Simms, MH James, NC Dennis, JS Hayfield, D Borries, CJ Sharpe.
Photo courtesy of Martin Scott.

6 - From the Dorset Evening Echo, 9 July 1968: Mr RW Wrigley (Hardye's Staff Member) is left at the back, Nigel Harding is second from left.
Photo courtesy of Nigel Harding.